Voucher-based Food Parcels

An e-Voucher is send directly to a recipient's phone. The person can collect their food parcel from the local spaza shop selecting from a list of approved items. Providing them choice and dignity.

Donor or municipality provide funding for food parcels.

System generates an e-voucher that increases the balance on the recipient's account. Recipient receives a message on their phone via WhatsApp/SMS indicating the receipt of the voucher and their new balance.

Recipient collect essential food from local spaza shops.

Using their ID or account number recipient can collect essential food from their local spaza shop by selecting from an approved list of items. Using Whatsapp the system securely checks their balance and approve transaction.

Money get's paid directly to spaza shop.

The local spaza shops gets paid directly from the municipality or system ensuring economic development within the community. System provides reporting and transparency on all transactions.

Easy to use, safe, secure and transparent.

WhatsApp / SMS based that makes it simple and inexpensive. Can be quickly scaled and duplicated across the country.

No standing in queue's

Distribution via local spaza shops. System can generate vouchers at different times to minimise queue's.

Safe, secure and transparent

No exhange of money. No expensive packing & transport. All transactions are verified by both parties and can be vetted and audited.

Food parcel goes to intended recipient

Authentication via phone and ID used to ensure the right person receives the food parcel.

Save on perishable food

Fresh food can be provided as recipient can go on a daily basis depending on available balance.


Modular and cloud-based technology ensure that the system is inexpensive and can be used by anyone with a mobile phone.

Simple messaging
Instant messaging based

System can use WhatsApp, Telegram or SMS.

Secure data

A cloud-based database is used for security and uptime.

System Integration
Micro-services architecture

Can be integrated with systems (e.g payment/billing) from donor or municipality

Saving cost
Cost carried on system side

Ensures limited cost on recipient side. SMS based if recipient don't have data available.